Travel Documents

1. E-Tickets:

Passenger eTicket is the contract of carriage between the airlines and the passenger. While traveling, passengers are required to keep passenger ticket(s) with you throughout your journey, as it is required for check-in and immigration purposes. Passenger should bring a printed copy of the e-ticket Receipt while traveling.

2. Passport:

Passengers are required to bring a passport for international travel valid during the duration of your trip, as you must present passports for check-in and immigration purposes. For children without a passport: full names, date of birth and portrait picture have to be available in the travel document of the legitimate representative.

3. Visa:

Almost all countries and territories need a visa to visit or transit Vietnam except citizens of the listed nations below, provided they are travelling on a valid national passport:

  • Cambodia; Indonesia; Laos;  Malaysia; Singapore; Thailand : 30 days exempt visa
  • Brunei Darussalam; Denmark; Finland; Japan; Korea; Norway;  Russia (Federation); Sweden; Myanmar: 14 days exempt visa
  • Philippines: 21 days exempt visa
There are two common ways to get your visa to Vietnam:
  1. Getting a visa at Vietnamese embassy: If you apply in person, the process usually takes 4-6 days and if you are mailing, the process usually takes 2-3 weeks, depending on the service you use, although times can vary considerably by embassy or consulate.
  2. Getting a Visa on arrival: This is most convenient way for the people who living or traveling far away from Vietnamese embassy. The process usually takes 1 - 2 working days, however, you can speed up the process by use urgent service. You can submit your visa application online at and get your visa by email.

4. Arrival documents

For international flights, when required, you will need to fill in and present an Arrival/Departure document at immigration counter.


For departure from Vietnam international airports, Arrival - Departure Declaration forms are available at the airport before proceeding to immigration counters. For arrival at Vietnam, you will be handed the Arrival Declaration form before your flight at check-in counter or during the flight from cabin crew.

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